Reiki energy changed your Life ? Share Your Story

How has Reiki energy changed your Life? 
We want to share your story.

How has Reiki energy changed your life and the life of your loved ones? Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to share your light with others. Your story is powerful and it could forever change someone else’s life in a positive way. You have an opportunity to share your story about Reiki with the world. If your story is selected, it will be published in a book and you may be selected for a special guest appearance on our Awakened Hearts Radio Show! 

We are writing a book about Reiki and we will be including some of these experiences that people like you have had with Reiki. 
The purpose of including these experiences is to share real life stories about Reiki from individuals from all walks of life. 

If the thought of writing feels overwhelming, we can arrange a telephone interview instead, simply submit the contact form on the Contact page of this website. In the notes section specify that you are requesting a telephone interview 

If your story submission is selected it will be included in the book. When it is published in the book it is your choice if you want your name to be public or anonymous. 

How to Start

Introduce yourself as one or more of:

• an individual who experiences Reiki from a Reiki practitioner
• an individual who has been attuned to Reiki and practices Reiki on yourself, friends and family
• an individual who has been attuned to Reiki and practices Reiki on the public
• an individual who is a Reiki Master/Teacher and reached Reiki to others.

Below are some ideas you may want to include in your story:

• How has Reiki affected your life?
• Examples of how Reiki has affected your friends, families and/or clients lives (ie, recovery, remission, healed disease, met soulmate or twin flame, etc.).
• How has Reiki impacted your journey of self discovery?
• Spiritual experiences such as interactions with guides, Angels or other Divine beings.
• The healing affects you have experienced as a result of Reiki including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
• What changes have taken place with regard to your awareness?
• What changes have you experienced from where you were at in your life at your first Reiki session to where you are today.
• How does Reiki make you feel?
• What physical sensations do you experience during a Reiki session?
• What is the most memorable experience of your healing journey?
• How did Reiki find you or what led you to Reiki?
• What trials, drama or resistance did you work through with Reiki and why do you feel these were important?
• What rewards have you experienced as a result of practicing Reiki on your friends and family?

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