Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy

30 Min. $45 / 60 Min. $75 / 90 Min. $115 

Session is 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Reiki is an ancient holistic technique used to reduce stress on the body and mind, promoting balance and healing through deep relaxation. Reiki promotes natural self-healing and enhances mental, physical and emotional well being. All Reiki Therapy at Sundra Healing is performed by Reiki Master Teachers. 

Reiki assists in healing past and present conditions, as well as enhances future conditions. When energy blockages are removed, and powerful Reiki energies are applied, the body can heal itself of anything. This is one reason why it works so well as an accompaniment to western medical therapies. Integration of both methods creates a very powerful healing environment. 

Typically you feel a sense of peace and relaxation. You may feel sensations such as warmth or coolness, tingling, see colours and images, feel light or heavy, feel nothing, or simply fall asleep. These are all normal. If nothing was felt, the treatment was still successful, it may mean that the healing energy was working on some issues other than physical, namely the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies as directed by your higher self. 

Often after only one session the recipient feels much better and after several days of the body continuing to heal itself, the chief complaint is gone, and balance has been restored, alleviating the condition. Often times, though, several sessions may be needed to allow the body continued exposure to the energies to affect complete healing.

Add Crystal Healing at time of appointment for $10.

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Third Eye Activation

60 Min. $115
Includes Reiki and Crystal Healing

Session is 60 minutes and is focused on your third eye. The third eye is also called our pineal gland and is located in the middle of the brain between the left and right side of the brain. It is a potent source of intuitive wisdom that gives us insight, forewarning and intelligence to the past, future, and most importantly, the present 

​You already possess all of the knowledge you require for your journey here and you can access this wisdom through your third eye. What you are tuning into is a part of you, it is literally a part of your brain and is a tool for you to use.

The practitioner is able to assist in the opening of your third eye by using advanced Karuna Reiki techniques and crystal energies, in order to maintain this it may take a few sessions and will take a commitment to regular meditation. 

Boyd and Rebekah use different types of healing modalities including Usui and Karuna Reiki and asking the divine powers of love and light for assistance, including Creator, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and your own spirit guides. The intention of every session is always for the highest good.
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