Reiki Reading & Crystals

Reiki, Intuitive Card Reading & Crystal Healing Combo

90 Min. $160

Session is 90 minutes. A qualified Reiki Master will provide a 60 minute Reiki Therapy session combined with Crystal Healing followed by a 30 minute intuitive card reading.. 

The Reiki Master will connect with you intuitively during the Reiki session to pick up any messages that come through. Reiki is an ancient holistic technique used to reduce stress on the body and mind, promoting balance and healing through deep relaxation. Reiki promotes natural self-healing and enhances mental, physical and emotional well being. All Reiki Therapy at Sundra Healing is performed by Reiki Master Teachers. 

Reiki assists in healing past and present conditions, as well as enhances future conditions. When energy blockages are removed, and powerful Reiki energies are applied, the body can heal itself of anything. This is one reason why it works so well as an accompaniment to western medical therapies. Integration of both methods creates a very powerful healing environment. 

This will be followed by a 30 minute Intuitive Card Reading. Readings are administered with the purest of intentions for healing, guidance, and answers for your highest good. The Reader will use intuition, knowing and working with their guides, your guides, Spirit and passed loved ones for the best guidance for your path.

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