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Winter Reflection Psychic Fair November 25, 2017         10AM - 5PM

Summer Love Psychic Fair - July 15, 2017
Come in and experience an Intuitive Psychic Reading, Connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides. Connect with loved ones who have passed on. Explore the books, music, crystals, jewelry, incense, Silk Scarves, Pink Himalayan salt lamps and more. 

There is No Admittance or Cover Charge to attend this great event! We are honored that you have chosen to come and check us out! 

Cost between $40 and $80 depending on the length of time and the Reader. This is a very popular event and the readers book up fast! To ensure that you do not miss your opportunity for your reading book in advance by calling 587-274-1800 to pre pay. 

Mickie Lynn

Mickie Lynn is an intuitive visionary, clairvoyant and a seer “born knowing’. For more than 30 years she has used her gifts to help heal the inner spirit. She recognized that she could communicate with spirit when she was a child. She uses her gift as a catalyst for messages from spirit and a teacher of love and compassion. She is also a Reiki Master, Energy/Lightworker healer and Theta Healer. 

As a Spiritual Advisor she shares Divine Wisdom through the use of the Tarot and Angel Cards. Mickie is able to receive communication from “behind the veil” to offer clarity, inner peace and comfort to her clients on life’s pressing questions. 

Rebekah Campbell

Rebekah is an Intuitive, Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Crystal Healer and Registered Massage Therapist.

Rebekah believes we are all a part of the same One Divine Consciousness and the lessons that each of us learn benefit the whole, creating universal growth and expansion. She is continually focused on the intention of raising the vibration of mother earth, Gaia, for which she is so grateful. Rebekah is very connected with nature and works very closely with your Spirit Animal Guides. She can connect with the Spirit Animal Guides that are with you now, sharing their messages, as well as identify your Totem Animal or Power Animal.

Rebekah has found her bliss and her Twin Flame by discovering and following her own divine life purpose, and now she enjoys helping others to do the same. Rebekah’s readings will guide you on your soul path journey, helping you connect with your Divine self, providing relevant information and steps you can immediately implement no matter what stage you are currently at. It is her goal to assist others in finding their own bliss which naturally leads to raising the vibration of the collective consciousness.


"Seija is a wandering spirit. She sees and feels very deeply. An old soul and a wanderer of both worlds. Very connected with the elemental and angelic realms, she connects with your guides and loved ones. Delivering any messages that are meant to come through.
Seija is a Light Worker and a Reiki Practitioner. She works with spirit to cleanse and heal the soul, deeply connected with the stars and our animal kin. She is very passionate about the healing work she facilitates and would love to share her gifts with you."       
Lisa Fedoriw

Lisa is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Born sensitive, she arrived at her destination as an intuitive medium mainly through her own medical challenges, something she eventually understood as being a critical and necessary part of her journey toward the process of assisting others. Lisa receives visions, hears and feels what is necessary in order to assist you. She has been practicing energy work for seventeen years, and has had the honor and privilege of celebrating many aha moments, steps forward and peaceful landings for those she has been given the opportunity to work with. Understanding our life's purpose(s), and the reasons why things present and unfold as they do can be a valuable tool on our journey. Lisa’s work can assist you in this regard.

Lisa’s work encompasses:
Scanning the human energy field for energy blocks in order to better understand that source emotional, spiritual, physical or environmental. Making transparent and elaborating on the mind body connection associated with physical challenges and or daily emotional cycles. Connecting with angels and/or guides and other members of your spiritual support team. Intuitive dream interpretation.

A possible visit from a deceased loved one (or two) - something you can request.
Perhaps you are in the process of discovering some of your own innate intuitive abilities, and would like a clearer understanding of this unfolding? A session with Lisa can provide you with some clarity around your process.

Lorraine McHale

Like many gifted intuitives and empaths, she has always felt “different” or as if she didn’t “belong”.She felt she did not belong in this body, this family, this group, this class, and everything in between and so on and so on. Many different things she didn’t understand that gave her a great amount of knowledge and experience in “life issues”. Like depression, addiction, recovery, suicide, mental illness, divorce and blended families. These issues she didn't initially cope with very well, until she understood what she was trying to medicate. This wonderful gift that she now recognizes that she has, would not have the same meaning for her had she not experienced these challenging situations. They are her best assets today!. She calls herself an Intuitive Oracle Card reader and Clairvoyant and many more qualities included in that. 

Her innate desire to help people turned her into a Registered Nurse for a period of 30 years from which she retired 5 years ago.She recognized that she needed to continue to be in service to people. She now addresses issues such as pain, grief, self improvement, guidance to make Self decisions and directions in Walking into new phases of Life. She uses the tools she has been blessed with including Clairvoyant and Oracle Card Intuitive, Spiritually Guided Visual symbol Interpretations, Animal Totem symbolism, and Registered Nurse.

Costs for each reader will be $40 for a 15 minute and $80 for a 30 minute reading. To make sure that you do not miss your opportunity for your reading book before the fair starts by calling 587-274-1800 and prepay. This is a very popular event and the readers book up fast!
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