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Monthly Guided Meditation & Distance Healing
                               with Rebekah and Boyd Campbell 

Facilitate healing, amplify manifestation, clarify life purpose, align and balance your chakras, develop ability to astral travel, meeting your spirit guides, meeting your angels, accessing your akashic records and so many more. 

Unique each month, and permanently available on demand, so they fit into your busy schedule; the meditations are equally effective whether you participate in the live or recorded version. 

Boyd and Rebekah incorporate different types of distance healing modalities combined with specific intention, in alignment with the highest good of every member, to facilitate a powerful experience of healing and growth. Find positive solutions combined with gentle guidance and healing for past and present conditions, as well as enhancing future conditions. Experience deep relaxation, inner peace, and stress relief for the body, mind & spirit while embracing abundance, joy and gratitude.

Boyd and Rebekah will work with Usui and Karuna Reiki, Crystal Healing, Drumming, Guided Imagery Meditations, Divine Powers of Love and Light, Creator, Arch Angels and Ascended Masters to bring healing and spiritual growth, connecting you with your higher self and deepening your connection with Spirit. 
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Sundra Healing Private Facebook Group
All members can choose to connect through our Private Facebook Group.  This is an interactive community where we can all connect with each other. It is a safe place to express ourselves freely. 

Are you seeking answers to questions? Are you confused about a dream you had last night and looking to understand its meaning? Would you like to contribute your own wisdom and experiences to other members who are asking questions? You can find answers to your questions, and share your own wisdom and experiences with other like minded members.
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