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We offer several classes and workshops, from beginner to mastery levels, including Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Kids Reiki classes, Crystal Vibrations, How to See and Feel Auras, Meditation for adults and children, and How to Read Tarot Cards. 

This page displays our upcoming classes for the next 30 days. To view our class schedule further out than 30 days please visit our Sundra Healing Facebook Events page.

Karuna Reiki Level Two Practitioner and Masters - November 26 & 27  (10AM to 4PM)

Are you ready to further your Karuna journey?

Karuna Reiki® is an advanced form of Reiki healing and is the next step after completing Usui Reiki Master training. Karuna reiki is a highly evolved system of healing that is able to provide healing for physical illnesses, environmental stresses and emotional concerns resulting from modern lifestyles. The word Karuna is derived from Sanskrit and means compassionate action taken to diminish and alleviate the suffering of humanity. Karuna Reiki helps to bring you back into perfect alignment with your true self and divine universal compassion to allow for deep healing. Not only does Karuna Reiki stimulate your body’s natural healing response through deep relaxation, it also helps to create harmony to facilitate healing your life by releasing old patterns, emotional wounds and fears allowing you to move forward, be healthy and to thrive in your life. Karuna Reiki was developed by William Lee Rand for the International Center for Reiki Training and is one of the most compassionate healing modalities available.

Karuna Reiki assists with:
• stimulating the body’s natural healing response and deep relaxation
• healing from past traumas
• releasing and healing cellular memory creating dis-ease
• release of deep fears and phobias
• stimulating learning ability, comprehension and communication
• releasing self defeating patterns and habits
• creating new healthy habits for well-being
• relationship healing and releasing co-dependence
• boosting creativity and manifesting goals
• bringing peace and creating trust in oneself and trust in life
• releasing past life/karmic issues and ancestral healing

This is a two day course with the first day covering Karuna Level Two Practitioners and the second day covering the Karuna Level Two Masters.

Classes are taught by Boyd Campbell and Rebekah Campbell, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master Teachers.

Boyd Campbell has studied Karuna Reiki directly from the developer himself; William Lee Rand in Hana, Maui, Hawaii.

Cost: $1000 + GST

Cancellation Policy:

A minimum deposit of $300 is required to register. The balance is due in full two weeks prior to class. All monies paid are non-refundable.
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